East Ridge Newsletter 8.27.19

Sarah White, Principal

August 27, 2019

24-Hour Attendance Line: 425.408.4410 


Save the Dates!

Calendar Link: https://eastridge.nsd.org/our-school-clone/calendar 

East Ridge New Family Tour

Thursday, August 29th at 2pm in the Library
If you plan to attend, please RSVP here: https://forms.gle/dY5aueVvZxBXa7YdA
This will help us ensure we have enough tour guides. Thank you!


Meet the Teacher

Thursday, August 29th, from 3:00-4:00 pm promptly. Come meet your teacher, see your classroom, see the campus and drop off your school supplies. 


ERPTA Ice Cream Social

Thursday, August 29th at 4:00 pm follow Meet the Teacher.


Volunteer/Visitor Sign In

We are working hard to make East Ridge an exceptional and safe school for your child and you. Please observe the following:

  • Sign in at the office and take a badge any time you are on campus during office hours. This includes before and after school. Return the badge and sign out when you leave. This year, we will be using numbered badges, and the badge number will be recorded when you sign in. 
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone on campus.


Important Bus Information

  1. Kindergarten: Students must be met by a parent/guardian at bus drop off or are delivered back to school. If parent/guardian requests a different person be at the stop, please fill out the permission to release form.
  2. Unaccounted students:  If for any reason students are unaccounted for, (missed bus, has not arrived at home, etc.) please be sure to check after school programs, daycare and alternate after school plans prior to contacting Transportation at 425-408-7900. 
  3. Bus stop change request forms are online: Transportation Forms.  All requests (except safety) are reviewed in late September.
  4. Note:  Board Policy 8100 allows students to walk 1 mile to bus stops or school if conditions are safe.
  5. Bus Pass:  All passes are issued from the school main office. Please send a note to school with your child with ALL information: date, your child's name and teacher, student riding with, bus stop address, and bus number.


First Day of School

The first day back to school will be September 4th for grades 1-5 (For Kindergarten Start information, please see below). The first day of school is a full day. 

Dismissal time is 3:50 pm on September 4th.


Daily Schedule for 2019-20

9:00 am    Covered Area supervision begins
9:15 am    First bell (students line up outside classrooms)
9:20 am    Tardy bell (school begins)
3:50 pm    Dismissal

Early release Wednesdays:  2:20 pm dismissal

(Early Release Wednesdays begin on Wednesday, 9/11)


Curriculum Nights

We strongly urge you to plan to attend East Ridge Curriculum Night in your child's classroom.  This is a time for you to meet your child's teacher, to gain information regarding your child's classroom, and also to ask pertinent questions.  Please note the schedule below:

K                                           9/24, 5:30 pm**
1st Grade                              9/24, 5:30 pm**
2nd Grade                             9/17, 5:30 pm**
3rd Grade                              9/17, 5:30 pm**
4th Grade                              9/24, 6:45 pm**
5th Grade                              9/17, 6:45 pm**
**Principal presentation held both nights, 6:20 – 6:35 pm**

Thank You to Northshore School District and Carmen & Tammy!

Take a walk around campus to see all the amazing transformations that took place this summer!
We have new roofs and new heating system! Many thanks to Carmen and Tammy who spent many hours working to help get classrooms moved in June and then lots of effort this week to get the final touches on our school cleaning! 

Breakfast at East Ridge

Due to our later start time this year, students will eat lunch later in the school day. Student lunch times are as follows:

K:      12: 30pm
1st:    11:25am
2nd:   12:00pm
3rd:    11:20am
4th:    12:40pm
5th:    12:05pm

Please keep these lunch times in mind when preparing your child for the school day with their breakfast meal. Breakfast is offered at East Ridge from 9:00 – 9:15 am in the gym for $2.05.  

Release of Student Directory Information

Northshore schools are periodically asked to share our students’ directory information with not-for-profit organizations:

  • The District does not release directory information for commercial purposes, but does release this information when there is a legitimate educational purpose
  • The items listed under directory information may be released in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)
  • Under the provisions of FERPA, you have the right to withhold the disclosure of Directory Information
  • To withhold directory information, complete and return the “Permission to Withhold Student Directory Information” form before OCTOBER 2, 2019, to the office. 

***The form must be submitted annually. Please turn into the East Ridge office before October 2nd.***

Cross Country 

Thank you to Mitch Zimberg and Andrew Strutzel for stepping up to coach Cross Country this fall. Cross Country is open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:55 – 4:45 pm. Practices: 9/17, 9/19, 9/24, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/16. Look for information coming home.

Can you help with the upcoming meet at East Ridge on 10/1?

Volunteers are needed to make this meet a success and show our East Ridge pride! Contact Mitch at mitchellzimberg@outlook.com.
Meets:  4:45 – 6:00 pm        10/1    East Ridge
                                              10/8    Sunrise
                                              10/15  Cottage Lake
                                              10/22  Sunrise –5:00 Finals



The Northshore School District offers a comprehensive Elementary Band and Orchestra music program for students in 4th and 5th grades. The program is free for all students in the Northshore School District. We offer the following courses:

  • First Year Strings (for 4th and 5th grade students)
  • Second Year Strings (for 5th grade students who took First Year Strings)
  • First Year Band (for 5th grade students)

Visit our website to learn more and register.

Nurses Corner - Welcome to School for 2019-20

  • If your child has life threatening allergies, please remember to bring in medication and Medication Authorization Form by the first day of school. 
  • If your child is going to have medications at school, please bring in medication and the Medication Authorization Form by the first day of school
  • All medicines (prescribed and over the counter) need an MD order. If your child normally just takes meds at home (like inhalers) and they need to get it at school or increase how often to  get at school, a new MD order is needed for us to be able to give the medication. You can always call the Health Room or office to get the Medication Authorization form.
  • Cough drops, throat lozenges and lip balm/chapstick are considered medications and need an MD order.

Gerry Cullins RN BSN
gcullins@nsd.org, 425.408.4406

2019-2020 ASB Process 

Mrs. Hager, Eastridge's ASB Advisor, is excited to get ASB up and running for the new school year! Please see below for important information for those interested in ASB.

What is ASB? ASB is the Associated Student Body made up of 4th and 5th grade student leaders who represent the interests and goals of Eastridge.

How do I get involved? There are many ways to be a part of the positive contributions ASB leads the school in! Follow this link for more information.

Community Resources:

Threads&Treads (https://cpptsa.org/programs-activities/threads-treads/) will be open each Wednesday 3pm to 6pm. No referral required.
Want to contribute to this resource? Clothing donations accepted at Canyon Park Junior High main office, 7am to 3pm. Volunteers needed! Contact Eileen Jowell jowelleileen@gmail.com, or 425-478-7917. 
Threads&Treads is a free clothing bank located in Bothell at Canyon Park Junior High School. Northshore families in need of clothing assistance may shop once a month for 3 outfits, shoes, jackets and accessories. 
Clothes for Kids 

Clothes for Kids is a referral-based program serving Snohomish County and the Northshore School District. Transforming lives since 1984.

Clothes For Kids provides school clothing (including socks, underwear, and shoes) to students in our community whose families qualify for free or reduced meals at school. We serve all of Snohomish County and the Northshore School District of King County. https://clothesforkids.org