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ER Newsletter 5.5.20

Sarah White, Principal

May 5, 2020

24-Hour Attendance Line: 425.408.4410

East Ridge Distance Learning Page:

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week – To You!

The East Ridge staff wants YOU to know that we appreciate YOU, our East Ridge families, for supporting your children with home learning the best you can during our school closure. You were your child’s very first teacher when they were little, and yet you probably never dreamed you would have to be THIS kind of teacher! You have had to learn new technology platforms, help your child to show up to ZOOM meetings, and help your child continue learning at home, all while managing your other children, your home and your own work, too! Teaching at home doesn’t just mean school learning. We are grateful for all of the unique experiences you are giving them at home – lots of time to play, create, cook, help around the house, and learn life skills! These are valuable learning experiences we would not be able to give our students at regular school. We know that helping your child during these times is challenging. Give yourself a big pat on the back and a lot of grace for doing the best you can. Whether your child is doing a lot of school learning right now or not, we appreciate you for caring for “our kids” while they are not with us for regular school! We appreciate YOU!

Sarah White

Resources for talking with children about COVID-19

  1. Talking to children about COVID
  2. Helping Children Cope with Emergencies


Reporting Attendance:

Please take a moment to review your students’ attendance on ParentVue or StudentVue.  If something does not look right, please let us know and we will work to correct it.  To report your student absent or to let us know they did make an attempt to participate, contact attendance ( 


***ParentVue Reminder***

Please be sure you are able to access ParentVue. Not only can you check on your student’s attendance status, but this is the only method we will be using to release class assignments in the fall. Don’t wait! Contact Rae Shepherd ( if you are having any trouble signing in.


Input Form for Student Placement 2020-21

Later this spring, teachers will begin making class groupings for the 2019-20 school year. I can assure you that the teachers at East Ridge devote much time, effort and care in developing classroom rosters. Every child is given equal consideration in the placement process to support our goal of a positive and strong educational experience for each child. The class placement process is very comprehensive. We create classes based on the following beliefs and principles:

  • Every East Ridge teacher is dedicated to providing a nurturing, positive learning community to support high academic standards and meet the learning and social needs of each child.
  • Every child’s placement is important and deserves careful consideration. Classroom teachers, specialists (PE, Music, Library), learning support staff and the principal are all part of the placement process. Parent input is important and valued.
  • Students will benefit from new experiences. An important life lesson for children to learn is that working with new classmates and teachers with different styles prepares them to successfully handle new experiences with confidence.
  • Balanced classrooms should reflect the diversity of our society. All classes will be balanced in terms of student instructional levels, behavior, gender, learning styles, and number of students. Classroom rosters are not based on requests for particular teachers, friendship groups, neighborhoods, sports teams, or play groups.
  • Due to fluctuation of enrollment in a given grade, we may have combination grade classrooms (classrooms with students from multiple grade levels). Combination grade classrooms are balanced in the same manner as single grade classrooms, with a broad range of social, academic, and heterogeneous groupings.

If you have information you would like considered in the placement process, please fill out this electronic form:

We want what is best for your child. Students thrive when parents and teachers work together to provide the best learning opportunity for all children. We truly value and appreciate your partnership.



PTA General Meeting

Please attend our PTA Board Elections take place on May 12, 2020, at 7pm with online voting during a Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 754 7243 6964 Password: 625897

 Check out our FB pages!

East Ridge Elementary PTA News is the FB page for ERPTA.
East Ridge Elementary Parents FB group-(not affiliated with ERPTA) 


ERPTA  Open Board positions for 2020-21 include: President, VP Events, VP Programs, Box Tops, School Musical Director, PTA Le


District News

Gathering community Voices During COVID-19

During these unique times, we would like to gather Northshore School District voices to help share perspectives and build connections within our community to help understand one another. Please use this form to share your stories or experiences:


Foundation Supported Resources for NSD Families

The Northshore Schools Foundation is proud to be supporting the following efforts to help our families.

If you are in need of:

BOOKS: If would like books to be delivered to your home please fill out the form- 

GROCERIES:  Contact your School Staff – Principal, (, Office Manager, Kris Held (, Nurse, Gerry Cullins ( 

CHILDCARE: Request assistance with childcare here:

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Request Schools supplies for your student to use at home for the remainder of the school year:

Other Resources
Breakfast & Lunch for children under 18 –