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Covid Reminder

A kind reminder that if you, or anyone in your household, have tested positive for Covid 19 or if you have been exposed to someone with symptoms, please refrain from coming to school. This includes library pickups and drop-offs at bus stops and pick ups or drop offs at school.
Thank you for your kindness.


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Materials and Library Pick Up Event

*** RESERVATION REQUIRED to pick up materials!****

A Picture Day/Materials and Library Pick Up Event is coming up on Friday, December 4th. ALL pickups and photos MUST have a reservation to allow for proper social distancing and safety for everyone.

Please see the details and reserve your time on our Signup Genius:


Planned Absences?

Please complete a Pre-Approved Absence Request Form if you know of any upcoming absences.

Are you moving? Changing schools?

If change is in your future, please contact the office to let us know: 425.408.4400 or email (


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Northshore i-Ready Family Night

The “i-Ready: Supporting Student Learning at Home” session is designed to provide Northshore School District families with an understanding of the i-Ready Online Instruction for reading and mathematics. Families will learn how the i-Ready Diagnostic is used to create a personalized pathway of instruction for every student. The i-Ready Team will share ideas for motivating learners, monitoring progress, and supporting children when they need assistance. Finally, tips and resources will be shared to support families in preparing for the next i-Ready Diagnostic assessment.

When: Wednesday, Dec. 2

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Register for Northshore i-Ready Family Night:


Holiday Giving Tree

Holiday Giving Tree

East Ridge, with the support of the ERPTA, is hosting a Holiday Giving Tree (virtually). More details to come on how you can help!


Message from Mrs. White

We know that one topic on parents' and teachers’ minds is student engagement in distance learning. Recently, I read a really interesting article that breaks down student engagement into stages.* Teachers and I have found the language in this progression to be helpful when thinking about student engagement, especially for reflecting on where individual students are and setting goals for next steps. Here is the progression of levels of engagement from the article:

Stage 0. Not attending school.

Stage 1. Attending school.

Stage 2. Attending classes.

Stage 3. Remaining in classes for the entire period.

Stage 4. Being prepared for learning.

Stage 5. Engaging in class.

Substage 5.1. Listening.

Substage 5.2. Answering questions.

Substage 5.3. Asking questions.

Substage 5.4. Participating in group work.

Stage 6. Producing work.

Substage 6.1. Following the given instructions.

Substage 6.2. Completing classwork.

Substage 6.3. Turning work in.

Substage 6.4. Accepting feedback.

Substage 6.5. Making revisions.

Stage 7. Initiating communication with teachers about progress in classes.

A child may not be in the same stage/substage every day, depending on how he/she is feeling or how things are going at home that day. Currently, most of our East Ridge students are typically at the levels of engagement described in Stages 5, 6, and 7. As we close out the first part of the school year, it might be helpful to show your child these stages and ask where they think they would be in this progression. As a family you might help your child set a goal to increase their engagement to the next stage or substage. Here are some ways that families and students can work on improving engagement:

  • Take time together each morning to “get ready for school.” Just as you used to take some time each morning to help your child get their backpack and go to the bus stop or drive to school, families can take the same 5-15 minutes to help their child get ready for the school day by:

    • Eating breakfast prior to the start of school

    • Signing in and reviewing the day’s schedule in Schoology

    • Setting reminders or alarms for live ZOOMs for the day

    • Creating a “to do list” for the day. Most kids love crossing things off or checking off boxes as they go!

    • Setting up a work area for the day:

      • Organizing supplies and materials needed for today’s schedule

      • Removing toys and other distractions from the work area

      • Closing tabs on the computer that are not related to the current learning activity (i.e. games, Youtube, etc.)

  • Be sure to build in breaks to be “off screen” and physical activity during the day!

  • Set goals for increasing the amount of engagement during live zooms. For example, a child might set a goal for a certain # of times they will participate by raising their hand, sharing an idea in the chat, or responding in other ways offered by their teacher. A child might tally the number of “participation points” they give themselves during a live lesson and aim for a certain # of points or a certain increase of points.

  • If your child tends to have his/her video off during lessons, and you think it is interfering with their engagement (or their teacher has shared with you that it is interfering with their engagement), you and your child could watch a video that I made about this topic. Some teachers may have already shared this video with students.

  • Focus on increasing the amount of work completed.

    • Make a list of all work to do each day. As a child finishes each piece, cross if off the list or check the box next to it!

    • Make an “if…then…” plan: If I do X (complete an assignment or work for a certain # of minutes), then I will do Y (break activity or preferred activity for a certain amount of time).

    • Create an incentive plan for completing all or a certain amount of classwork on time. A family might decide that their child can earn a special privilege or special activity at home. If your child is completing very little work right now, you might start with an incentive plan in just one subject area.

  • This article has more tips!

If your child is at one of the highest stages of engagement, name that and celebrate it with your child! Their level of independence and engagement is something to be very proud of! Help them name the strategies they have been using that have supported their success, so they can recognize these as strategies to support them in the future. If you feel that your child is usually only engaged in Stages 0-4, please reach out to your child’s teacher and to me so that we can work together to improve engagement. We will want to address the barriers to your child’s engagement and think about possible strategies to help! We are eager to partner with you to support your child.


Sarah White, Principal

* “Stages of ‘Studenting’: How to develop a new, consistent lexicon, purpose, and structure for measuring student progress” by Wade McJacobs, Principal Leadership.


5th Grade Class Auction Project Needs Your Help!

The 5th grade classes are working to create a very special 2020 COVID Tree. The tree will be auctioned off during the PJ Pandemic party and all proceeds from the 5th grade tree project will go back to families in our community that are in need during this season. We would love for you to have your kiddo create an ornament or note that we can hang on the tree. Other needs for the project and other auction-related requests can be found here: East Ridge PTA: PTA's Pandemic Pajama Party ( creations can be dropped off on December 4th materials pick-up.


Come to our Book Fair! Let's raise readers! Scholastic

🌞🌞🌞 News From the Library 🌞🌞🌞​

It’s Week 2 of our ER Online Scholastic Fall Book Fair!

Shop today! Our Book Fair ends Sun. Dec. 6!

For full information:  Visit our East Ridge Online Scholastic Book Fair Home Page

Also, PLEASE drop by this Friday (Dec. 4th), curbside at East Ridge, for our All-School Classroom Materials Pick Up, Picture Day AND Library Book Bag Pick Up! I will be standing by throughout the day ready to hand you a specific Book Bag of great ER Library Books with your student's name on it. On Oct. 30th, 351 out of 384 costume-clad students got new library books to enjoy with their families because their family swung by East Ridge to pick up a new Library Book Bag. See you this Friday!

~~Mr. C.~~


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Reading with Rover

Reading with Rover is now offering a virtual reading time with a dog. To sign-up to participate in this event the student/ parent just needs to go to the Reading with Rover Homepage and in the events menu go to the date. Once there, a student can sign-up for a 20-minute time slot to read to a dog. Here is the link to that page :




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Winter Break


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Community Resources/Holiday Assistance

During the COVID-19 outbreak, our NSD community has come together to provide assistance to families in need. Look here for support with food, housing, healthcare and more.


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Join the East Ridge PTA!

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The PTA is hosting a Pandemic Pajama Party and Virtual Auction, which opens on Friday, December 4 and concludes with a livestream pajama party on Monday, December 7 at 6:30 pm! There is a great selection of items and tons of fun in store for everyone, including a live magic show, raffle prizes (you could win a hot air balloon ride) and more! This virtual event is open to all and we hope you will join us.

Learn more at

Stay on top of the latest auction happenings by following the BEcommunity Auction Facebook Page:


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Math Challenge

Math Challenge is back! The next round starts 12/11. Find out more here!

ERPTA Presents:

Photo of the Month!

To help make this year’s yearbook fun and different, we are launching…


For the month of November, we have 2 photo themes for yearbook submissions:

  • Take a picture with your pet and/or favorite stuffed animal.

  • Take a picture with art you have created. This is a great way to show off your Reflections artwork!

We are in the midst of an unprecedented school year here at East Ridge, and across the country. This is why we need YOUR HELP to make this year’s 2020-2021 Yearbook a success! Check out the yearbook page for more info and the link to submit.

Thank you - Yearbook Adviser and the 2020/2021 Yearbook Staff


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ERPTA needs more volunteers!

Please fill out our volunteer survey to help us know where you'd be happiest to help or check out our volunteer page to see our newest open positions.


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