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Message from Mrs. White

i-Ready logoI-Ready Testing

In January, all students at East Ridge will be taking the i-Ready Diagnostic in math and reading. The purpose of this assessment is to help our teachers learn more about what our students already know, what they are ready to learn, and to measure their growth so far this year. This helps us plan our instruction and support them better. The information also ensures the lessons students will receive in their individual i-Ready online instruction are appropriately leveled for your child’s needs.

Your child will be taking the i-Ready math and reading diagnostic assessments with their classroom teacher on ZOOM sometime between January 5th-January 29th. Your teacher will share the dates and times with you. Here is a video that you may want to watch prior to your child’s testing dates.

As your child takes the assessment, they are guaranteed to receive some challenging questions. They will know the answers to only about half the questions, while the other half will be more difficult. If your child gets stuck, please do not help them! If a child receives help during the diagnostic, it will lead to misleading results and interfere with our planning to support your child’s growth this year. Teachers will be monitoring and encouraging students during their testing.

If you decide to be nearby as your student is testing, here are things parents and caregivers should NOT do while their child is taking the diagnostic:

  • Read passages to your child

  • Help to solve a problem

  • Suggest a strategy

  • Hint at or give an answer

You CAN, however, offer support and motivation in any of the following ways:

Help your child log on to the ZOOM and into I-Ready when the teacher is ready to begin

  • Encourage your child to stay focused: “I can tell you are very focused. Keep up the good work!”

  • Encourage your child to do their best if they appeal for help: “Just like when you take the test at school, I can’t help you find the answer. We want to find out what you know, not what I know. It’s okay if you are stuck!”

  • Remind your child that it is ok if they don’t know an answer and tell them to move on: “You will see some questions you don’t know. That’s ok! Just try your best.” “It seems like you are stuck on this one problem. It’s okay if you do not know the answer. Make your best guess and move on to the next question.” “Wow. That looks like a very advanced question! That likely means you have been answering a lot of questions correctly. Don’t get [frustrated, mad, upset, etc.]. Make your best guess so the assessment can find your ‘just right’ level.”

  • Encourage your child not to rush: “I noticed you seem to be clicking through quickly. Remember, take your time and try your best.”

  • Tell your child you are proud of their persistence! “I’m really proud of you. You did a great job [taking your time, showing your work, persisting through challenging questions, etc.].”

For more information on i-Ready, please visit their FAQ site at

Thank you for supporting us as we gather information about your child’s growth so far this year! We appreciate your partnership.

Sarah White, Principal


Playworks logo

East Ridge Keeps Playing

Our game of the week is “Whoosh Ball”. The social/emotional learning connection to this game is about including everyone. The brain break of the week is called “Shipwreck.” Teachers may be using these in class activities, and these are also activities kids and families can do for fun or for breaks at home. Thank you PTA for these great resources!


Girl reading to a dog on a red blanket

Reading with Rover

Did you know there are more opportunities for children to Read with Rover in January! The link to information about the program, dates, as well as the sign up is provided below.


Optimism, yellow happy face amongst blue unhappy faces

  January Trait: OPTIMISM

  Optimism Definition: Feeling hopeful that risks are worth taking and  that problems will work their way out. Looking on the bright side -   focusing on the positive instead of the negative. When you do something new, you think, "I can try," and give it your best shot because that's how you grow.


Thank you, drawn bear with hearts

Thank you, East Ridge!

Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts we received before the break. We are grateful for such a caring and involved community!

~ Your East Ridge Staff


Thank you for your gifts, giving tree, pine branch with red ornament

Giving Tree Thank You!

Thank you to the many elves who helped those in the community who could use a helping hand by donating items for the Giving Tree. There were many gracious words of thanks, happy faces and relieved parents! Thank you to the PTA for providing this support to our community.

Planned Absences?

Please complete a Pre-Approved Absence Request Form if you know of any upcoming absences.

Are you moving?

If change is in your future, please contact the office to let us know: 425.408.4400 or email (


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View the East Ridge Calendar:

No School 1/18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and 1/25 Non-student Day


Power/Internet Outages

We understand that weather incidents may cause a loss of power when students and staff are engaged in distance learning. Our district's Technology, Northshore Learns, and Communications teams collaborated with educators to develop a plan for notifications about power outages, access to service, and how everyone can prepare ahead of time to adjust and continue learning. Please visit our website to learn what to do if your power goes out or if your teacher's power goes out.

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Winter Delays/Closures

For District information on Weather and Emergencies, check out the district website:


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ERPTA Auction

Thank you for your support at our Virtual Auction!

We had such a fun night and the PTA raised an astounding $18,500 and an additional $750 to go to Homeward Pet! We couldn't have done it without your support. It was wonderful to see so many zoom faces and to get to reconnect and have some fun. We can't wait to do it in person again when the time comes. A huge thanks to Jenny Pinter, Jenn Strutzel, our sponsors, and the entire auction team and entertainers for their hard work.

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Yearbooks on Sale

Yearbook order timeYearbooks are on sale now! Click here to place your order. Also, make sure to upload your December pictures showing WINTER FUN!!!

Parents may submit their own student's head and shoulders photographs for use in the yearbook class pages. The pictures need to be 300dpi.

Please send images, along with student grade and teacher names to:

Due January 29th.


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