ER Suns Newsletter 4.26.21

24-Hour Attendance Line: 425.408.4410.


ParentVue on phoneDaily Student Health Checks!!

Daily StudentHealth Checks need to be completed DAILY before your child can attend school. They must be completed by 8:30am.


Staff appreciation with sun & clouds

Staff Appreciation

Please join our PTA in helping to make our staff feel special!

PTA is making Google Slideshows for each teacher. Students can contribute pictures, words, or videos onto a slide for any staff member. Click here for a list of staff and links to the slideshows. Students will need to log in to their NSD Google Account in order to access each slide show. Parents who want to help their child with slide content will need to use their child’s log in information. Please complete your slides by 4/30. Click here for information about what PTA has planned! Here are staff favorites.


May written in cursive with drawn flowers and greenery around it

Four-Day Weeks in May

(No School on May 28 and May 31): We have two four-day weeks in May. The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, May 24-A Day

  • Tuesday, May 25-A Day

  • Wednesday, May 26-Regular Asynchronous Wednesday

  • Thursday, May 27-B Day

  • Friday, May 28-No School

  • Monday, May 31-No School

  • Tuesday, June 1-A Day

  • Wednesday, June 2-Regular Wednesday

  • Thursday, June 3-B Day

  • Friday, June 4-B Day


Hybrid vs Remote - Asynchronous Question

Some families have asked questions similar to this: If a Hybrid A student attends in-person on Monday and Tuesday, can they choose to stay home and work asynchronously on one of those days?

There are no asynchronous options for Groups A and B on the days they have in-person class. There will be asynchronous instruction for Wednesday and the days they are scheduled to learn at home.

While staff and families have all worked to be flexible through the pandemic, it is still very difficult to make up lost in-person class time, since much of your child’s learning at school is dependent upon student and teacher collaboration, small group work, hands-on learning, inquiry experiences, and other classroom interactions. As we are now engaged in hybrid learning, students who are not on campus for class on their hybrid days will be marked absent. Classwork and homework assignments will not be provided in advance. When your child returns from an excused absence, the teacher will provide make up assignments at her/his discretion, along with a reasonable timeline for completion. The student is responsible for completing this missed work. In some cases, student work may be available on Schoology/SeeSaw prior to a student's return, depending on what a teacher has already shared. Thank you for understanding that teachers cannot set up custom plans for each student and family in their class.

If a class is quarantined due to a positive result with covid batch testing, then that cohort would have remote learning with their teacher instead of their in-person instruction.


Earth Day Celebration with painting of earth and greenery

Earth Day Celebration Video

Congratulations on a job well-done by our ASB, 1st and 2nd Graders, ASB Members and Staff on this week's Earth Day Celebration! If you were not able to join us, you can watch it using the link below. Enjoy!


Kindergarten and New Student 2021-2022school bus filled with children Registration

Kindergarten and new student registration for the 2021-2022 school year has opened.

Registration is online at: Please call our office at (425) 408-4403 or email if you need help with the online registration process.


Nurse's Corner

It has been great seeing students again. Here are some reminders. If questions, please let me know.

School Nurse with bandaid and heart in the middleFrom your nurse:

  • COVID testing: The testing is done using a nasal swab (like a Q-Tip) that the student swirls around just inside both nostrils, so it does not go up very far. We do “Batch” or “Pooled” Testing, which means the swabs go into one large tube (per classroom). You may opt in or opt out. The testing is done as a way to prevent an outbreak, as not all people with COVID have symptoms.

  • Now that it is Spring (technically), seasonal allergies can be a problem. If your child uses medications for seasonal allergies that may need to be given at school (even if over-the-counter), you will need to bring in a completed “Medication Authorization Form” along with the medication

  • Remember that cough drops, throat lozenges, ointments and creams are considered a medication (By the state OSPI) and require a completed Medication Authorization form in order to have at school.

  • For Parents/Guardians of current 5th grade students, there has been a change to the Tdap and now it is needed before entering 7th grade (instead of 6th).

Gerry Cullins RN BSN 425.408.4406


Student Technology Equipment User Agreement

Please review the Technology Agreement that went out with student technology: This agreement is to be used when issuing a Northshore School District device or other technology for use by a student at home. Use of any technology in the context of teaching and learning is governed by the guidelines and expectations set forth in the NSD Responsible Use Procedure (RUP). Access to NSD technology is a privilege, not a right, and as such, students and guardians must seriously consider the responsibilities associated with the opportunity to use technology devoted to activities that support learning.

  • We understand that the student takes full responsibility for the issued device and related accessories, and the school is not responsible for the security and safety of the student-issued device.

  • We understand that the student and guardian(s) may be held financially responsible for the repair or replacement of any part of the device and its accessories, should damage or loss occur.

  • We understand that if the device is stolen, damaged, or lost, the student shall make every reasonable effort to notify school staff as soon as possible.

  • We understand that the student will use the device in ways consistent with the Northshore School District Responsible Use Procedure (2022P) and will use the device only for school-related purposes.

  • We understand that when the device is connected to a non-Northshore wireless network, such as home or business wifi, that the monitoring of internet content is the duty of the parent or guardian and that internet activity is only filtered when on school grounds and connected to Northshore SD wireless networks.

  • We understand the expectations for device care:

    • Student will not leave the device unattended at any time while at school or in a public place.

    • Student will not remove the District barcode labels or mark the device in any way with markers, stickers, scratches, engravings, etc.

    • Student will not remove the hard drive and/or modify the device’s operating system in any way.

    • Student will not install any unauthorized software or browser extensions.

We understand that the student may lose his/her technology equipment privileges as a result of inappropriate behavior, damage, neglect, or loss.


Students Caught Demonstrating East Ridge Expectations!

The following are 10 names drawn out of 228 Sunshine slipsExpectations: be kind, respectful, responsible & safe with sun and sunglasses on & small bees from last week.

Congratulations, East Ridge Suns!

Katelyn H. for being respectful from Mrs. Anthony's class.

Myles D. for being safe from Mrs. Anderson's class.

Luke B. for being responsible from Mrs. Gangwish's class.

Dafna M. for being respectful from Mrs. Hager's class.

Brody M. for being responsible from Mrs. Sullivan's class.

Simon A. for being responsible from Mrs. Sullivan's class.

Ellie P. for being responsible from Mrs. Sullivan's class.

Sofia B. for being kind from Ms. Dickens' class.

Scarlett C. for being responsible from Ms. Dickens' class.

Kenneth B. for being respectful from Ms. Fawcett's class.

We’re proud of our Suns!


4 dancing library books, one dancing on a stack of 4 books

Library News

There is NO Library pick up this week for remote learners!

Final two Remote Learner Library Book Bag pick ups will be May 5 and May 19. All Remote Learner library books need to be returned on May 26.

Curbside Pick up & drop off times for May 5 & 19 stay the same: 11am-1pm & 3:30-4:30pm.


Playworks logo

East Ridge Keeps Playing

This week’s games is Rhythm Detective. The social/emotional learning skill is Identifying Problems – Recognizing when you face a challenge. This week’s brain break is Strike a Pose. Thank you, PTA for this resource!


drawing of a stick figure with thought bubble


Self-reflection is the habit of deliberately paying attention to your own thoughts, emotions, decisions, and behaviors. Here's a typical example: ... We periodically reflect back on an event and how we handled it in hopes that we learn something from it and make better decisions in the future.


Calendarsun looking over rainbow on top of cloud raining on flowers

View the East Ridge Calendar:



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ASB Toy Drive

Thank you for your donations to the ASB toy drive! We collected 75 items for Bridge Receiving Center and 68 items for Homeward Pet. We greatly appreciate your support!

ASB Thank you for your donation sign with donation boxes

Staff appreciation week - daily gifts

blood drive flyer, 5/25, Hampton Inn & Suites