2023 - 2024 School Supply List

If purchasing school supplies creates a financial hardship, please seek assistance from our Office Manager, kheld@nsd.org. Supplies can be provided.



*Everything except for the headphones will be SHARED supplies

4 Expo Lower Odor (fat blue or fat black markers, no thin markers

2 boxes of 24 Crayola (only) crayons each

2 large glue sticks 

Backpack  (no wheels)

2 packs of thick Crayola Markers (set of 10) either Classic or Bold

1 pack pre-sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga)
1 pair of headphones (no bluetooth, no earbuds)


First Grade

2 boxes of 24 crayons

2 big pink erasers

1 box of 8-12 Crayola markers

3 glue sticks

4 thick black expo markers, black only please

2 plastic pocket folders 

2 spiral notebooks (wide rule)

1 pair of headphones (no bluetooth)

No pencil box, teacher will supply


Second Grade

Large backpack (no wheels)

24 Yellow #2 pencils, pre-sharpened (Ticonderoga is best)

2 black fine point SHARPIE permanent markers

1 yellow highlighter

Set of 24 Crayola crayons (not more)

Classic Crayola markers (10-12 colors)

Set of Crayola colored pencils (optional)

4-8 packages of 3x3" Post-It Notes (not accordion style)

4-8 glue sticks

8 dry erase markers, black only- Expo, low odor

Personal ear buds/earphones 

Resealable Ziplock bags either sandwich or gallon size

1 composition notebook: hardcover, wide-ruled (9 ¾x  7 ½)

NO PENCIL BOX- teacher will supply this

Third Grade

*Everything except for the headphones will be SHARED supplies

4 pre-sharpened #2 pencils (Ticonderoga)

1 package wide-ruled lined paper 

3 composition notebooks (hardcover, wide-rules, zebra or marble design 9 ¾x  7 ½)

1 sets of colored Crayola markers 

1 set colored pencils

8 black dry erase whiteboard markers (Expo)

3 large glue sticks

1 folder 

5 black fine-tipped pens (Flair)

1 personal set of headphone or earbuds (to stay at school) 


Fourth Grade 

2-Boxes of #2 pencils – no mechanical pencils

Pencil erasers

Pencil box or a pencil pouch

Colored pencils (set of 24 or more) (NO Rose Art or erasable colored pencils)

Colored markers ( set of 12+ or more)

3 - 9-3/4” X 7-1/2” Composition Books (Wide Ruled)

1 ream of wide ruled notebook paper

2 large glue sticks

Low Odor Expo Dry Erase Markers (20 or more)

Small Personal Pencil Sharpener (No battery power)

Eraser for Dry Erase Boards or an old sock


Note: Some supplies will be shared.


5th Grade 

6 colored folders with horizontal inside pockets (no prongs): red, orange,

yellow, blue, green and white

2 boxes #2 pencils -pre-sharpened

Colored Pencils 

Colored markers


Dry erase markers--black--(10 or more)

2 composition notebooks (wide-ruled)

4 Spiral notebooks (wide ruled)


2 packages of post-it notes

Personal pencil sharpener (no battery power)